Our attorneys have years of experience representing creditors pursuing their debts, both outside of bankruptcy and in all types of bankruptcy cases.  We tailor protective strategies for our clients when their own clients and customers are starting a slide toward Bankruptcy.  We also maximize the return our clients receive in Bankruptcy cases by filing claims and objecting to plans, negotiating preferred vendor agreements, obtaining relief from the “automatic stay” of Bankruptcy to allow foreclosure on collateral, handling landlord-tenant issues, filing dischargeability complaints to avoid the Bankruptcy Discharge, defending claims made by trustees or debtors to recover money from creditors or to impair creditors’ liens on their collateral, and handling virtually all other matters involved in a bankruptcy case.  We are often able to negotiate fair resolutions which protect our clients’ collateral and income streams, but we are experienced and ready to litigate these matters if necessary.

Practice Group Attorneys:

Paul J. Feinman
Chad A. Mooney